March 2008, “Greetings From…”

7 04 2008

JoAnne Rivers’ theme, “Greetings from…”

(most are post card size)


Georgia- David

Celeste- Karyn

Tina- Michael

Shanna- JoAnne

JoAnne- Colleen

Colleen- Brynn, (I think…I’m confused.)


Celeste’s Greetings~

JoAnne’s “Greetings from 17th Ave”


Brynn’s “Under the Desert Sky”


Shanna’s “Greetings from the 17th Ward”

& “Welcome to NOLA”


Tina’s “Looking Up” (approx 14 7/8″ by 4 7/8″)

click on this link for a larger view of the same image.


Colleen’s “Greetings from the Pacific Northwest”


Michael’s “Greetings from 660″ (a 3″ x 3 1/2” cuff link box)

Karyn “Greetings From My Caribbean Vacation”

Georgia’s “Greetings form Lucille Drive”

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