November 2007: Lyrical Creation

30 11 2007

Celeste’s theme:

“Lyrical Creation”

Through the means of Intuitive Creating, you may choose to incorporate the written word or music into your art work. You can choose a poem, song lyric, quote, etc, for inspiration. Or you may choose a musical piece to inspire your creation.Intuitive creating is the merging of art and spirituality. It is a tool of self discovery through color, shapes, form, light and space. The artist is to be directed by instinct rather than rules, encouraging creative accidents to occur as you emerge yourself in the creative process. Paint freely without preconceived notions. Create spontaneously without expectation. Ignore your inner critic. Main idea in Intuitive creating: you cannot have a preconceived idea of a finished piece, the artwork develops in the process of creating.meditating on your chosen inspiration prior to creating is highly recommended!





Celeste’s “Waiting for the Moon”-celeste.jpg

-Michael’s “Across the Universe” (John Lennon Tribute)universecover-crop450p-72-copy.jpg

(The feel of the song rambles along seeming to need a long horizontal to match the flow, thus, I made a card 12″ which folds over.)universeback-72-450p.jpguniverselyric-450p.jpg

Karyn’s “Revolution” (by the Cult)lyrical.jpglyricalback.jpg

Georgia’s “Blue Velvet”georgia-bv-1.jpggeorgia-b-v-2.jpg

-David S’s “After the Bombs” by the Decemberistssweeney-1.jpgsweeney-2.jpgsweeney-3.jpg